About FLW Prints

Art Authority is proud that the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has selected our 1000Museums brand to increase the awareness of Wright’s vision through archival reproductions of sketches and drawings based on those by “the greatest American architect of all-time.” We offer three types of FLW prints.

  • Archival reproductions of original sketches and drawings that Wright created as part of the architectural design process. These prints are available directly from 1000Museums.com and can be purchased with other items from that collection.

  • Copies of pieces of art created by FLW, such as his popular Organic Commandment and Liberty Magazine covers. Available from 1000Museums.com with other items from that collection.

  • A series of illustrations of FLW-built houses across the United States

All FLW prints use the same high-end print-on-demand technologies developed for the 1000Museums line. 1000Museums archival prints are available in five sizes with multiple framing options.

This special “Focus On Frank Lloyd Wright" site is part of 1000Museums’ "Focus On” series of web sites dedicated to increasing the awareness and availability of works by, and giving back to, those who create and care for the artwork we all love.